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It’s almost NYCC and check out these EXCLUSIVES! Debuting for the show (and out in stores October 8th) are the Bravest Warriors #25 Annual and Fraggle Rock #1, both of which I am writing. For the con, I got to do the exclusive variant cover for BW, featuring both Catbug and his nemesis (?) Bugcat! You will be able to get all of these at the BOOM Studios booth, where I will be for most of the weekend! GET EXCITED!


One last game between old friends…

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hi I really like GoGo ok bye #bighero6 #bh6 #gogotomago

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Break Through

New paint plus an additional detail shot - it’s kind of a tall piece so it’s hard to really get tumblr to do it much justice. There’s a slightly bigger version of it you can see as a whole here.

Available as a new print in my Society6 shop

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Concept art for 101 Dalmatians

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